specialize in providing high quality amber baby teething necklaces made from genuine Baltic Amber.

Amber Baby Teething Necklaces

More than one generation of mothers use the wonderful properties of amber and once a baby starts teething – wear around his neck amber beads from Baltic amber. This is a natural and safe teething remedy, which allows you to not use teething gel or drugs. Here you can find more information about how amber teething necklace work.

AmberMama's baby amber beads has different colors, shape and size but all of them are designed to ease teething for baby. Routine wearing of amber beads help to reduce common teething symptoms and give both parents and child more happy moments without discomfort of teething pain.

Note that the amber beads are intended to be worn, but not for chewing.

Teething necklace - Excellent gift for newborn

The appearance of the baby in the family is a great joy for parents and for relatives and close friends. There is an irresistible desire to bestow upon the baby and the parents many useful gifts. Gifts that will help the child quickly and easily adapt to independent living. The choice could take a lot of time as possibilities are many: clothes, funny little shoes, toys, beds, baths, bottles and much more. What to choose? How to combine in the gift all your joy, love and support for parents, the wish of beauty and care for baby's health?

The perfect solution – to give baby teething necklace from Baltic amber! Such a gift is very nice and also useful for the child's health. Wide range of color, size and shape of amber beads allows you to choose a gift for a boy or a girl. And don't forget that you can find a matching amber necklace for mama too!

Amber has a natural origin and therefore completely non-toxic and does not cause allergies. Please read more on :


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