specialize in providing high quality amber baby teething necklaces made from genuine Baltic Amber.

What is amber nursing necklace?

It is well known that babies are very curious. Baby will want to touch and inspect every interesting thing within his reach. During the feeding and while in mammas arms, baby will play with everything that is close by – mamma's clothes, hair and jewelry. Although baby's hands are small they have a very strong grip, and could painfully pull your hair or tear ordinary necklace or chain. What to do if you don't want to give up long hair or jewelry?

Nursing necklace – worthy adornment for mother and benefit for child

Beautiful nursing necklaces are made from polished, perfectly round Baltic amber beads of highest quality. It is a worthy adornment as well as help for the mother. Nursing necklace helps to occupy your newborn, baby or toddler during the feeding or while holding in your arms. Nursing necklaces are made specifically for this purpose and are strong and safe.

Nursing necklaces develop your child

Amber nursing necklace

Newborn babies know how to grasp things, but they should learn to release. Nursing necklace helps to develop motor skills of your baby. Also during the play with nursing necklace mother tell about each action of the child and focus his attention on differences in colors, forms and textures (amber beads, thread) and levels of the force child use to pull the necklace. This helps to build emotional contact between mother and child, and allow the baby to discover the world in a safe and pleasant way. But remember that amber necklaces are not for chewing!

Reliability, convenience and beauty of the nature

Attractiveness of the amber nursing necklace is not only in beautiful Baltic amber. Nursing necklaces are made using strong and soft cord and amber clasps with metal inserts, to provide comfort and safety usage. Nursing necklace can be worn not only by baby's parents, but also by grandparents or nannies. Amber has a natural origin and therefore completely non-toxic and does not cause allergies. Baltic Amber Nursing necklace is a must to have for every family who believes in power of nature and its healing abilities! Please read more about amber properties and how it works on amber baby teething necklaces page.

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