specialize in providing high quality amber baby teething necklaces made from genuine Baltic Amber.

How amber teething necklace work?

Eruption of milk teeth in infants - is an important event for the whole family, and usually begins around the age of 6 months, but can start already at 3 months and continue up to age of 3. Formation of dental tissue is a natural process, and every child takes it differently. For one cutting teeth cause little or no concern, but others could experience severe discomfort. Some teething symptoms are mood changes, crying, irritability and bad sleep at night. Also some temperature rise can occur, as well as excessive drooling. It is very important in this period to minimize discomfort for your baby.

Teething beads from Baltic amber

More than one generation of mothers use the wonderful properties of amber and once a baby starts teething – wear around his neck amber beads from Baltic amber. This a natural and safe teething remedy, which allows you to not use teething gel or drugs.

Baby amber beads are specifically designed to ease teething for baby. Routine wearing of amber beads help to reduce common teething symptoms and give both parents and child more happy moments without discomfort of teething pain. Note that the amber beads are intended to be worn, but not for chewing.

Succinic acid

Beads made from Baltic amber contains a lot of succinic acid which acts as an active ingredient in reducing teething discomfort for baby. Now been established that people experience with healing properties of amber has a science base. Modern research confirms this fact - succinic acid is a biostimulant and has multilateral influence on the human body. It stimulates the nervous system, strengthens the heart, improves the respiratory system, kidneys, intestines, increases hemoglobin levels in anemia, is used as the Antistress, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic agent and normalizes the balance of acids.

Succinic acid affects the energy transfer in cells, increases the body's internal protective resources.

Succinic acid is absorbed through the skin and helps the child during teething, lessen the pain and discomfort, ensure a good night sleep, strengthens the immune system. This substance is natural and completely non-toxic, its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal natural homeopathic product for babies and children.

How to wear a teething necklace

Amber teething necklace can be worn by children from the age of 3 months or when first teething symptoms are noticed. Wearing a baby amber beads from infancy helps to get used to them and the child will not try to pull or chew them. Amber teething beads should be worn under the clothing to ensure direct contact with baby skin. When amber is rubbed on the skin, it nourish it with salts of succinic acid and necessary micronutrients which have soothing and healing effects on human body.


  • Baby amber beads are made for wearing, not for chewing! Amber can give a crack and break under too much pressure.
  • Baby amber beads must be removed at bedtime, and if the baby is left unattended! (Also at night necklace can be wrapped around the ankle, or special baby anklet can be used).
  • Please use caution and supervise your child while wearing teething necklace.