specialize in providing high quality amber baby teething necklaces made from genuine Baltic Amber.

Popular product offer wide selection of amber baby teething necklaces. Diversity of colors, shapes and sizes of Baltic amber beads, allows you to choose the perfect necklace that will stay with you and your child for years to come.
More than one generation of mothers use the wonderful properties of amber and once a baby starts teething - wear around his neck amber beads from Baltic amber. This is a natural and safe teething remedy, which allows you to not use teething gel or drugs. Routine wearing of amber beads help to reduce common teething symptoms and give both parents and child more happy moments without discomfort of teething pain. Here you can find more information about how amber teething necklace work.

Baltic amber baby teething necklaces

Treat your baby and yourself with beautiful and healthy gift!

Baby amber beads suits both baby girls and baby boys! They don't cause discomfort during wearing, have many healing properties, and help to keep you and your baby happy during teething and colics periods.

Featured Baltic amber jewelry sells only genuine Baltic amber jewelry.

Children's jewelry, unique handmade necklaces and bracelets with semi-precious stones and sterling silver for women you love. Jewelry for your beloved, fiance, daughter or mother. Baltic amber earrings, amber cellphone charms, amber accessories.

Amber is beautiful gemstone, with wide color palette from nearly white to darker tones, and soft natural feel. Amber has wonderful ability to evoke visual images and feelings: warm soft sun, stormy sea, calm pine wood. Amber is very pleasant stone to wear, good for any season or occasion.


Amber bullet Baby teething necklaces

AmberMama's necklaces are great for babies and toddlers to soothe the pain and discomfort of teething. Amber should be worn against bare skin, which warms it and release amber's natural therapeutic properties.

Wearing amber has calming and pain relieving effects and also it can be used as natural infant colic remedy due to its antispasmodic properties. Specifically designed with the safety of babies and toddlers in mind, our baby teething necklaces have non-allergic plastic amber clasps, and are securely knotted between every bead to reduce risk of choking.

Amber bullet Excellent gift for newborn and her mother

AmberMama's baby teething necklaces make wonderful gifts for special events such as christenings or birthdays, they are good for both baby girls and baby boys. Also you can find beautiful gifts for any other occasion from our handmade amber jewelry selection. Wonderful amber necklaces and bracelets for newborn mama and amber mobile phone charms and accessories for older kids.

Amber bullet Amber jewelry and accesories

Not only babies looks great in amber necklaces, so we provide beautiful handcrafted artisan amber jewelry and accessories for mammas and every woman. Our designers create diverse range of amber jewelry for every taste, from classic amber  necklaces to contemporary items where amber is mixed with other semi-precious stones, sterling silver, natural materials and Swarovski crystals. Most of the items are unique or produced in very small series. Also we stock a range of amber cell phone charms!

Amber bullet Handcrafted authentic Baltic amber jewelry

All our products are made from top quality authentic Baltic amber, and are carefully selected to represent the best works of local craftsmen and workshops. Amber healing and protective qualities well known to our ancestors helps to maintain feeling of well-being during pregnancy and after that.

Only natural Baltic amber gemstones are used to make Ambermama's beautiful products, for unique designs we also use other semi-precious stones such as.turquoise, peridot, amethyst, malachite, corals, Chinese green jade, freshwater pearls, quartz, obsidian and other natural materials such as wood and lotus seeds as well as sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.

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